Meet the Stars

Celebrity Dancers

Heather Barton

Heather Barton is a registered nurse at southeast health where she has worked for 8yrs. She is often described as the person who wears MANY hats! She has always enjoyed staying active and has always had a love for dance! She is also a fitness instructor at synergy health and fitness where she teaches silver snickers, Hammertime, and HipHop fitness! She has also participated as an NPC bikini competitor. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Justin Barton, and they have 2yr old twins and 5 dogs! Her family attends Covenant United Methodist Church. She is ready to rock this competition!

Henry Quintero

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Megan Brezina

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Dr. Jessica Scarratt

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Kristopher Doss

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Bethany Bee

Bethany just moved here from Michigan, but is originally from Upstate New York, if you couldn’t tell by her Northern accent. She enjoys the warm southern weather here in Alabama. She is a huge animal lover. Bethany has a Siamese cat named Jasmine, who is pretty much like her child and is way too spoiled. If she could, she would have a home filled with animals. One thing you would never guess about Bethany is she used to play rugby in high school and all throughout college. She is also a huge fan of reality TV shows, specifically the Bachelor and Bachelorette. She even met former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk. If you are a fan of anything to do with Bachelor Nation, you will become instant best friends with Bethany. Bethany loves getting to know you and getting you through the workday every weekday 10am-2pm!

Leah McKay

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Mike Muraski

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Tonya Pruitt

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Professional Dancers

Eddie Davis

Eddie performs a distinct form of art which entails standing humbly behind a chair to epitomize and radiate self confidence by altering physical attributes. He believes that "elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside." That is why his passion for cosmetology has evolved into his career. He is a stylist at Posh Salon in the ravishing city of Dothan, Alabama. He was born and raised in Dothan. He is also the owner of Crowning Performance, where he is a pageantry specialist. Despite his roots, he is not afraid to fly! He enjoys the enrichment of traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people. He strives to always remember life won't sparkle unless you do!

Sully Velez

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Wayne Adkison

Wayne Adkinson is a deputy sheriff with the Henry County Sheriffs Office. He speaks to students and young people about drugs and other law enforcement topics in the school system. Wayne is also a member of the Elks Lodge in which he volunteers to speak to the youth on many topics. Wayne began dancing in 2009 at the University of North Alabama. While he does not consider himself a professional dancer, he obtained the Presidential Challenge gold medal in 2013 for ballroom dancing. Wayne and his wife, Laura, enjoy ballroom dancing and they continue to take ballroom dance classes at Dothan Dance Club under the instruction of Ron DeVane. Wayne wants to extend a special thanks to all the sponsors for their commitment to this worthy cause. He wishes good luck to all the dancers and is ready to dance! 

Ryan Wagstaff

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Katrice Nolan

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Elisha Burroughs

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Ron DeVane

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Robin Saliba

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Tim Hopkins

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